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blackjack yahoo answersblackjack? | Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers Sign in Mail ⚙ … It is called the Blackjack Betting Trigger, and it can inidcate when the probabilities are favorable to the player, indicating that you should raise your bet, and when they are unfavorable, indicating a bet reduction.

What is the best blackjack strategy? | Yahoo Answers
The best blackjack strategy is to go to a casino with about 4 to 6 other people and monopolize the table. Practice in a basement before hand to know how each other plays and where and what to bet on.

blackjack? | Yahoo Answers
I once had a blackjack dealer, who has probably been dealing about 3 years, tell me the most she had ever paid out on a blackjack table was $42,000. The player bought in for about $3,000 and bet $500 per hand. I have also been in a casino when someone won over a million dollars on a …

BlackJack? | Yahoo Answers
Hi friends is there any body who play black jack here? which are the best sites to play with real money which are really offering good service?any more guidance from u all? am from india i cant go to vegas and play so i want to play online and earn money through blackjack.

Samsung BlackJack? | Yahoo Answers
The BlackJack (SGH-i607) handset features several different methods to transfer music files both to and from the handset. Each are explained, in depth, further down the page.

Blackjack card counting ? | Yahoo Answers
Yahoo UK & Ireland Answers Sign in Mail ⚙ Help. Account info; Help; Send feedback

Blackjack card game? | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: I also know Blackjack as the game you describe as blackjack (i.e. not 21). I was also looking for rules and came accross the same issue but the rules as best I remember them are. Shuffle and deal 7 cards per player, then with the remaining cards lay top card face up next …

in blackjack………… | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: Card counting is far more complicated than that. First off there are numerous different counting systems. So a 'good' count is going to vary depending on which system you are using. Then other factors like number of decks used, and specific house rules will have an impact …

blackjack card counting? | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: It really depends on the casino. The rules vary from casino to casino. This will affect the house edge. According to the respected Wizard of Odds web site there are over 3,456 rule variations out there. They even have a calculator to figure the house edge at the casino …

Blackjack counting cards question? | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: First off, never overestimate the knowledge of pit bosses when it comes to card counting. While most of them know about it, few of them are actually able to identify a skilled counter. Most of the player evaluation is done by surveillance (the eye). If you are the biggest …

Counting Cards in Blackjack? | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: The only way to card count is to buy a really good book on the subject, learn the material, and spend at least an hour a day practicing for a year or so. For every person who thinks they can count cards, there are hundreds who have tried and failed. I don't think the …

Blackjack in england? | Yahoo Answers
Do they have blackjack in england in casinos? Like the america blackjack where you gotta get 21 or close to it.

What do you do if you have a 21 tie in blackjack? | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: So far you've gotten partially correct answers. Blackjack is a simple game, but it has many unusual nuiances that take a bit of explaining, and this is one of them. First a few assumptions: 1. By "two people" I will assume you mean the dealer and a player (or any number …

Logic behind card counting in blackjack? | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: When there are more high cards in the decks, especially cards that have a value of ten. The odds favor the player. I won't drag out the calculations here, but give an intuitive reason for this. When there are a lot of high cards in the deck, the odds of getting a …

¿Cómo se juega al Blackjack? | Yahoo Respuestas
Mejor respuesta: El blackjack es un juego de cartas, propio de los casinos, que consiste en obtener 21 mediante la suma de los valores de las cartas. Las cartas numéricas suman su valor, las figuras suman 10 y el as es un 11 o un 1 si el once haría al jugador pasarse de 21 en la …

21…black jack? | Yahoo Answers
Migliore risposta: Tutti sappiamo che quelli che contano le carte sono individui straordinari che posseggono un'intelligenza e una memoria fuori dal normale… Sarebbe troppo complicato e con la quantità di distrazioni – rumore, trambusto, chiacchiere – presenti in un casinò …

come contare le carte nel black jack? | Yahoo Answers
Migliore risposta: Regole di Blackjack – Storia Blackjack euno dei giochi piu' popolare sia nei casino Europei che del Nord America. Le sue origini non sono ben documentate. Gran parte degli studiosi crede che derivi da un gioco di carte francese giocato nel XVII secolo, chiamato …

How do I get my Yahoo! email account on my Blackjack phone? | Yahoo Answers
How do I get my Yahoo! email account on my Blackjack phone? … How do I get my Yahoo! email account on my Blackjack phone? … I think that this answer violates the Community Guidelines. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, …

Como contar cartas no BlackJack? | Yahoo Respostas
Melhor resposta: O blackjack ou vinte e um é um jogo de aposta praticado com cartas em casinos e que pode ser jogado com 1 a 8 baralhos de 52 cartas, em que o objectivo é ter mais pontos do que o adversário, mas sem ultrapassar os 21 (caso em que se perde). As cartas de 2 a 10 têm …

black jack pelicula? | Yahoo Answers
en la pelicula en al escena donde estan en la escuela y el profesor le hace una pregunta sobre un concurso de el auto y dos cabras… Tiene toda la razon y si cambia hay mas probailidad yo lo he probado pero MAtematicamente como es que se llega a eso es decir con formulas teoria …

¿Contar cartas Blackjack? | Yahoo Respuestas
Contar cartas es posible??? quiero decir si me entrenara mentalmente para contar cartas hasta llegado un punto que cuente con facilidad y naturalidad, pudiera de verdad ganar dinero con ello jugando al BlackJack en un casino, estoy en Venezuela y aunque no eh ido a un casino esto no …

Play Blackjack Online – AOL Games
Play this online blackjack game from Masque Publishing. The fun never busts in Match the Dealer™ Blackjack, played in real casinos throughout the wor

Wie funktioniert Blackjack? | Yahoo Clever
Gestern kam in GALILEO irgendetwas über das Casionospiel Blackjack, ich hab aber nur den Schluss mitgekriegt. Weiß irgendjemand von euch wie Blackjack funktioniert?

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quel site permet apprendre les astuces pour gagner au black jack? … Finance; Style; People; Cinéma; Météo; Questions/Réponses; Flickr; Mobile; Plus⋁ Messenger; Yahoo France Questions Réponses

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner???? Blackjack? | Yahoo Clever
Im Film "21" sagten die Spieler manchmal "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner". Ist das real? Wann genau sagt man das?

¿Probabilidades de Black Jack? | Yahoo Respuestas
Hola, me gustaría saber cuáles son las probabilidades de obtener un Black Jack (21 natural) y cuáles de esas probabilidades se verían en empate por otro Back Jack de la casa. Gracias y un saludo.

como se juega 21 black jack ? | Yahoo Respuestas
Mejor respuesta: el black jack es el juego (para mi) mas simple de todos. basicamente se trata de juntar 21 puntos sumando los valores de las cartas.

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